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8 Sep 2010


8 Sep 2010
Lots of people have been asking me how my own youngster "William" has been going. Well, I'm happy to report he has now been officially christened as "Wordsworth" and has been out to his first show.

I thought some led classes would be good for him so he can get used to all the noise and excitement of show day well before I have to get on and ride. Although I hate to admit it, I'm not as young as I used to be and not nearly as secure as I was in my ill-spent youth. It was really quite difficult to shift me back then, but now I feel like everything is very wobbly.

Anyway William and I toddled off to the NSW State Gala Warmblood show expecting to have a quick "in round and out" as I really didn't think he looked anything like a warmblood at all.

Much to our surprise and great excitement he was sashed "The Best Australian Bred Exhibit In Show" beating the great big champion stallion and a lovely, typey mare. He also did very well in the "open" ring where he was the highest placed gelding in his age-group (the colts and geldings were in the same class) with three enormous imported colts in front of him in the final line-up.

I'll keep you all posted when I finally get on him and start riding. He's still only 3, and being so fine I've been taking him very slowly.

Jody xxx

Photo (c) Danna Lingard - Cheap Shotz Photography

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