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26 Aug 2010


26 Aug 2010
Here are some more snippets of information on forthcoming horse movie releases including "The Lone Ranger" starring Johnny Depp (woo who) and "War Horse" directed by Steven Speilburg.

There is still no lead actor announced to play the role of The Lone Ranger in the new film due to be released in 2012. Johnny Depp (who himself is part Cherokee Indian) has said in a recent Vanity Fair article that "Tonto needs to be in charge. The Lone Ranger should be a fool ... a lovable one, but a fool nonetheless.”

Now that's interesting because I always thought it was Silver and Scout who called all the shots!

The full cast for the upcoming War Horse movie adaptation has now been announced. Thankfully it's a full British cast including some brilliant up and coming young actors;

Benedict Cumberbatch ... Major Stewart
Emily Watson ... Albert's mother
David Thewlis ... Lyons
Tom Hiddleston ... Captain Nichols
Stephen Graham ... Sgt. Sam Perkins
David Kross ... Gunther
Peter Mullan ... Albert's Father
Jeremy Irvine ... Albert
Niels Arestrup ... Grandfather
Patrick Kennedy ... Lt. Waverly
Nicolas Bro ... Friedrich
Rainer Bock ... Brandt
Robert Emms ... David Lyons
Irfan Hussein ... Sgt Major Singh
Celine Buckens ... French girl
Leonard Carow ... Michael

The filming has already started in the UK with the current release date being August 10, 2011.

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