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24 Jul 2010


24 Jul 2010
This is another movie I have managed to track down, but again there is not a lot of information forthcoming.

From what I can gather, it's a sequel to the original Horse Crazy movie and with a similar adventure story line. These movies are made for fairly young children however I quite enjoyed the first one and am looking forward to seeing if this one is as much fun. It's written and directed by the same man as the first movie, Eric Hendershot, so it should have the same good-natured, humourous feel to it.

As I get more information I'll pass it on but again, I should be able to order it on your behalf from America if there isn't a distributor here in Australia taking up the option.


When a prize foal is stolen, two young siblings and their teenage babysitter must work together and catch the thieves before their family's ranch goes into foreclosure. A dangerous journey lies ahead, but with a little mountain magic, sometimes it pays to horse around!

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