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24 Jul 2010


24 Jul 2010
Here is another new movie soon to be released on DVD in America.

I haven't been able to find out heaps about it, but have contacted the distributor to see if he has any more information to offer and whether it will be released here in Australia or not.

In the meantime, here is a plot summary and film trailer for you to enjoy. I should be able to order it on your behalf from America within the next month or so.

Lindsey a teenage girl is talked into driving across country from Lowell Massachusetts to visit her Uncle Jack in the Midwest who has never recovered from a tragedy in his past. There she falls in love with a ranch hand Logan and finds herself tricked into volunteering for a race at the county fair by the local rich girl Abigail.

The problem is she has no riding experience but she just can't back out, so she defies the odds and learns enough to compete.

Beautifully filmed in the Midwest along a river valley ranch. This is a family styled feature film about a girl coming of age as she connects with her past, lets loose the champion within and meets the love of her life.

Lindsey starts out from Lowell and heads out on the road leaving the city life behind to her Uncle Jacks place. Here on a Midwest horse ranch here she makes new friends and meets a horse named Wildfire.

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