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24 Jul 2010


24 Jul 2010
I would like to apologise to everyone for being so hard to track down over the last couple of weeks.

I've had the most incredible computer dramas that all started about a month ago with the web site hosting people having their entire server crash and loosing every single site they had! They were able to restore them all from back-up files, but there were still bits and pieces that didn't restore or work properly, and we spent hours and hours going through it all to see where the problems were.

Just after we recovered from that drama, my hard drive had a total melt-down and I lost EVERY SINGLE FILE from my computer. After rushing it off to the local intensive care unit, the technicians were able to work their magic and recover everything, but again it was days and days in restoring it all.

After their very strong recommendations that I upgrade to a new computer with all the latest software on it, it was duly ordered, delivered, installed and tested last friday afternoon.


They didn't check the virus software was still working properly and, on turning it on first thing Monday morning, it was swamped with four really nasty virus's and yet again had to go back to hospital.

I think I'm back on track now, but for the next month or so I will be continuning to upgrade software and fingers crossed there will be no more dramas.

The good news is that by the time it's all finished, I will be so organised, you just wont know me. I will be able to send you all the latest releases of the series, authors and movies you love straight to your email or mobile phone, offer membership points, specials sale items and so on.

Jody xxx

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