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6 Jul 2010


6 Jul 2010
How totally brilliant is this game? To quote my dearly departed grandfather ... WHACKO THE DIDDLIO! As long-suffering adult (or teenage) horse loving gamers, we have been starved for quality product for so long, but wait no more ... Red Dead Redemption is here and it's a ripper!

It's a ropin', riden', shootn' (and that other thing cowboys are so fond of) wild, west adventure that will keep you coming back time and time again.

And the graphics are absolutely amazing! When I think back to how impressed I was with my first Atari that included a game of tennis that was basically one pixel for the ball and a line for the raquet, it makes me realise we are now living in an entirely new electronic world to the one I was born and raised in.

I've had a bit of feedback from teenage and young adult males, who have spent lots of time inventing new and creative ways of killing their horses. When I pointed out this was not at all acceptable behaviour to inflict on their poor, long-suffering equine companions, they just laughed and became even more graphic in their killing spree descriptions. Oh well, boys will be boys I guess :-).

Exploding equine heads aside, it truly is a great rollicking adventure and one I'm sure you'll really enjoy. Unfortunately it's only available in Playstation 3 and XBox 360, so if you don't already have either of these platforms I suggest you immediately start making 'first-best-friends' with your neighbours, distant relatives or even complete strangers in order to get a turn. You won't be sorry :-)

Jody xxx


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