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4 Jul 2010


4 Jul 2010
I'm sure a lot of you have read and fallen in love with the delightful children's book "The Little White Horse" by Elizabeth Goudge. Well it has been made into a simply stunning movie that was never released here in Australia, either in the cinemas or on DVD.

Despite the book title the horse parts are a little thin on the ground, however the movie is an absolute delight from beginning to end and I can't for the life of me understand why it was never shown in Australia?

It's a wonderful whimsical fantasy movie produced with all the magic that our British cousins do to perfection. It has the flavour of the wonderful Nanny McPhee movies, or perhaps 'The Secret Garden', together with the brilliance of cinemetography, costuming, casting and scripting that go hand-in-hand with the best of the British period pieces.

I have contacted the distributors here in Australia but they have told me they have no plans to release it here at all (even though they have already done so in New Zealand) but don't despair as I can order it "On Demand" for you if you would like a copy.

As a Christmas present, I think it will be hard to beat so please think about ordering one now and putting it aside as a present for the entire family.

Jody xxx


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