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24 Mar 2010


24 Mar 2010
There is a new movie to be made on the legendary Lone Ranger and his ever faithful side-kick Tonto, to be produced by the Disney studio's.

It has been confirmed that Johnny Depp has been signed to play the role of Tonto, but the starring lead hasn't been decided upon yet.

There is much speculation floating around on the web over who will get the lead role. Most people posting on notice boards are guessing it will be an actor around Johnny Depps age... so someone in their mid 40's? Personally, I'm not sure if this age would work as this movie adaptation will centre on the events that caused the legendary character to make the progression from 'Texas Ranger' to 'Lone Ranger'. If the movie is set before he became the character as we know and love him, then he's going to be pretty darned old by the time he gets to conquer all the baddies of the Wild West.

The movie is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, a Hollywood legend who is a celebrity of Lone Ranger proportions himself. His list of major blockbusters are too many to recount, but they go back to the early days of his major successes in the 1980's producing "Flashdance", "Beverley Hills Cop" and "Top Gun", right through to his most recent mega-hits with the "Pirates of the Carribean" and "National Treasure" franchises.

What is surprising to me is that while there is massive speculation on who will fill the lead role, when it will be released, who will be the director and so on, no one seems interested in who will get the lead roles of Silver and Tonto's horse Scout? Surely Silver was as big a star as the Lone Ranger himself, even as far back as the original radio series in the 1930's, and his quirky personality will play an important part in the movie?

I for one certainly hope the importance of the roles of the two star horses (Silver and Scout) are not overlooked in the planning of the film, as there is no doubt they are what helped make the fanchise so incredibly successful over the years.

For those who are interested, here is a little bit of trivia on the earlier Lone Ranger productions;

SILVER: The Lone Rangers Horse

• The original Lone Ranger Series was a radio show that aired in 1933. Due to the shows overwhelming popularity, a live appearance was set for The Lone Ranger and Silver. A rented horse named Hero was chosen to play the role of Silver in front of an expected crowd of 20,000 people, however when 70,000 plus turned out to see the duo extra police had to be called in to control the crowds.

• The very first Silver to appear on TV was a horse named Silver Chief, who was the giant grey stallion ridden by the character of Scarlett O’Hara’s father in Gone with the Wind. Gerald O’Hara (played by Thomas Mitchell) famously had several falls from this huge grey stallion, eventually being killed while trying to jump a gate.

• The most popular of all the Lone Ranger versions were the movies and TV series played by Clayton Moore in the 1950’s. Throughout that time there were two Silvers, who were both Morabs or Morgan/Arab crosses. One Silver was used for the close-ups and an older steadier horse used for filming the more spooky scenes.

Jody xxxx


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