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14 Apr 2010


14 Apr 2010
The superstar of all the behind-the-scenes work here at EQUITAINMENT, is off to hospital for an operation today and I would like to wish her all the best for a very speedy recovery

Teresa is the wonder who does all the hard work in keeping the new products up-to-date on the website, and I know many of you so enjoy reading her insightful reviews on a lot of the products.

As president of the 'Horse Book and Movie Anonymous' group, Teresa is unsurpassed in tracking down new releases and then checking them over to make sure they're up-to-scratch. She also tests all the games for me as I am soooooooooooooo impatient with them when things don't go my way, and have even been sent back to the stables on one occasion for 'using excessive force' when my horse wouldn't jump a cross-country fence.

I am going to be totally lost without her for a few weeks as she is the one who whips me into line when I'm spending too much time gazing out the window, playing on the computer or exhausted after an hours work and calling for a snack break (chocolate of course).


We all love you, miss you and need you back very soon.

Jody xxxxxx

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