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5 May 2010


5 May 2010
I know a million people have been anxiously waiting for the next season of Heartland to come out on DVD, but at this stage it looks like there is only bad news.

It was originally set to be released by April 2010, however it never arrived. I have emailed America and this is the response I just received;

"Heartland Season 2 was moved to a 'To Be Determined' in our notices on 2/4/10. It is not releasing at this time."

It seems to be showing as available on some USA shopping sites, but others such as Amazon are saying it's not yet ready to ship.

BUMMER ...........................

I have contacted the company that (possibly?) owns the rights in Australia and they are going to email the USA to see what news they can get. I'm so sorry to disappoint everyone but I will keep you posted as I get more information.

On a brighter note, Season 3 is now showing on ABC2 and Season 4 is in production, so it looks like we will have plenty of viewing for quite a while to come.


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