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5 Jan 2010


5 Jan 2010
I've just discovered one of my favourite children's books, War Horse by Michael Morpurgo, has been made into a multi-million dollar stage show, currently showing in London.

Set during the first World War in the trenches of France, it's a brilliant story. It's dramatic, compassionate and educational. What better way to learn about the horrors, heart-breaks and unexpected compassion of war, than in a wonderful story.

The stage show is complete with life-size mechanical puppets together will a spectacular original music score, and is absolutely knocking audiences off their socks.

In fact, it's been so popular the film rights have been purchased by Disney and it's going to be made into a big budget movie, with the legendary Hollywood director/producer Steven Speilburg being the name put forward as the man most likely to get get the directors job.

Not due for release until 2012, we had better all hope the stage show comes to Australia well before then, so we get a chance to see this amazing production as well.

I think I'd be a blithering mess by the end of it though. It looks like a full box-of-tissues job to me!

Jody xxx


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