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5 Jan 2010


5 Jan 2010
For all those people who were so enjoying hearing about Chief's progress as a show jumper, you might like to follow my youngster Williams' progress instead.

William is a beautiful chocolate brown warmblood bred by Andrew Inglis and Jenny Sheppard, who I bought when he was 7 months old and still with his mum.

My main reason for buying him at the time, was because he was so friendly. Every time I walked through the broodmare paddock, he'd leave his mum and all his friends and wander over to say gid'day ... even when he was only a few days old!

He's now 2 and a half (not three until May 2010) but because he's quite big and athletic with a tendency to be a bit bossy, we sent him off to the breakers just before Christmas before he gets a chance to realise just how strong he is.

The lovely people looking after him, Nathan and Belinda Williams, tell me he's going very well and showing quite a bit of potential, even though he does occasionally throw a tantrum and then gets huffy when he can't get his own way. I'm so glad I don't have to take him to the supermarket because I'm sure he'd be one of those toddlers who throws himself down in the middle of the aisle and screams blue murder because he's not allowed to have the lollies.

I'm heading down to see him on the weekend so will take some photos and video of him so you can all have a look. I'm still very sad and missing Chief terribly, but it is fun starting a new one off, and I hope you will all enjoy him with me.

Jody xxxxxx

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