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1 Jan 2010


1 Jan 2010
I hope you all enjoyed the New Year break and the catalogues didn't arrive too late for you to be able to get your shopping done in time for Christmas. I do apologise for the lateness, however I had a bit of a drama in early November when my beautiful Chief died very unexpectedly and dramatically from a heart attack.

I was very distraught, and of course it couldn't have happened at a worse time for me ... right when the catalogues should have been mailed.

As you all know, he had been very ill the previous year and spent a week in hospital. He never did recover to be his naughty old self after that. It seems that having EI earlier in the year, and then the terrible infection he had after that, affected his heart and it just gave out.

I'm sorry to all his many fans that he had out there and lets all hope he's gone to a better place.

Best wishes and much love to poor old Chief.

Jody xxx

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