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28 Aug 2009

Bold Blood - Adult Mystery

28 Aug 2009
New adventure/mystery debut novel for New Zealand author Lindy Kelly set in the world of eventing. It took the publisher by surprise by completely running out on the first run, and its finally in.

"When Dr Caitlin Summerfield took the message, her satisfying life included a rich sexy boyfriend, an exciting career and, best of all, she was free of the emotional maelstrom that characterised her disastrous relationship with her mother.

Her father and brother are both long dead, and reluctantly Caitlin returns home when her mother is left in a coma after a riding accident. Someone has to look after her mother's horses. But instead of the well-run training business she expects, she finds financial chaos and a dangerous mystery.

As the tension mounts, Caitlin begins to realise her mother's accident was something far more sinister.

'Bold Blood', a fast-paced contemporary crime novel set within the world of horses and eventing, is a compelling and powerful debut novel for an exciting and talented writer."

I can understand why this book took the publisher by surprise, I so hope this is the first of many, as you wont be able to put this one down til the final page.

One of my favourite characters is Kasey she says things as she sees them with a very colourful vocabulary.

I think its more suspenseful to horsey people as the things that happen, you can really feel and see it - for example: - your in a cross country competition and suddenly a dog darts across your path as your just taking off for the jump. There's way more that happens its just one thing after another, but you will have to read it lol.

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