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1 Aug 2009

Non Fiction Books

1 Aug 2009
Dont forget to check out the Non Fiction Children and Adult sections, lots on offer and also a NEW section called Technical and Training books.

So many interesting, beautiful and stunning books too many to list in this space but to name a few...'THE HORSE - A CELEBRATION OF THE HORSE IN ART by Rachel Barnes & Simon Barnes. If your an art lover like me then you're going to go in raptures over this coffee table book. It's a huge format and a lot of the plates are different to the ones in the various other art books.

In the Non-Fiction children section check out the new sticker books, and the cute logbook, pony scrapbook and special pony record book.

'PERFECT' Series by Kelly Marks in the new TECHNICAL AND TRAINING BOOKS SECTION. I know I dont usually have training type books, but I was ordering these books in so often as special requests that I decided I should keep them in stock. Kelly Marks is a former jockey and showjumper and was discovered by Monty Roberts, the most famous Horse Whisperer. She now devotes her life to helping people and horses understand each other, in a very simple and easy to understnad way.

'HOLLYWOOD HOOFBEATS' - Trails Blazed Across the Silver Screen by Petrine Day Mitchum. This book is written by the daughter of Hollywood legend Robert Mitchum and it's a must have! Tracing the journey of the earliest equine movie stars, through to modern day heroes such as 'Oscar' the horse who played 'Hidalgo'. I've read the book from cover-to-cover and loved every minute of it!

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