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6 Mar 2013


6 Mar 2013
The extended trailer for the new Lone Ranger movie is now out and about on the web, with a US release date set for July. This movie looks fantastic, but I was really concerned that the two horses who were so much a part of the original series, were not go

Five horses have been trained to play the part of The Lone Rangers' horse Silver, and it is reported there will be a high humour content in the role with much leaping, beer drinking and generally coming to the rescue. Thank heavens. Silver and Scout continually saved the day in the original radio and TV series, so to leave them out of the new version would have been ridiculous. I can't wait to seem them back in their full glory.

Here is some refresher facts on Silver and Scout for those that can't remember the 1950's TV series.
The Lone Ranger saves Silver's life from an enraged buffalo and, in gratitude, Silver chooses to give up his wild life to carry him.

In another episode, however, the Lone Ranger, in a surge of conscience, releases Silver back to the wild. The episode ends with Silver returning, bringing along a companion who becomes Tonto's horse, Scout.

Whenever the Lone Ranger mounts Silver, he shouts, 'Hi-yo, Silver! Away!' Besides sounding dramatic, this shout originally served to tell the radio audience that a riding sequence was about to start. In an echo of the Lone Ranger's line, Tonto frequently says, 'Git-um up, Scout!' - Wikipedia

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