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16 Jan 2012


16 Jan 2012
Earlier in the year there were reports that the new Lone Ranger film starring Johnny Depp had been shelved due to rising costs. Apparently the additional funding has now been found, and the movie is back on track.

Here's what The National Ledger had to say:

The filming for the 2012 version of the American cowboy classic the Lone Ranger will begin in February in New Mexico.

The movie will star Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer

Hammer will play John Reid, aka The Lone Ranger and Depp is set to take on the role of Tonto.

Johnny earlier revealed he feels like the Native American character is very similar to Captain Jack from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films.

He said to Collider.com: "What I like about Tonto, what I feel good about Tonto is that I feel like he’s—you know when I came up with Captain Jack I thought, 'Okay I’ve really arrived at something different here,' and Tonto feels right on par with Captain Jack, it feels like another Captain Jack to me."

The state of New Mexico is thrilled to have the project.

In a press release Friday, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez says, "The Lone Ranger is proof New Mexico's film industry is alive and well."

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