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8 Dec 2011


8 Dec 2011
I'm sending out the biggest apology in the world for everyone who has been trying to contact me and couldn't get through. I've just moved and have been in the biggest mess in trying to get the phones and internet re-connected at the new place.

If I hadn't just lived through three months of absolute hell with a certain telco company who will remain nameless (yes ... we all know who you are), I just wouldn't have believed it possible. I mean, we all hear the stories but I always take them with a grain of salt, assuming they must be exaggerated!

Cutting a very big whinge and long story short, I finally have the land line back on and, as of yesterday, the internet has been switched on too. I'm currently going through an ENORMOUS backlog of emails, but will contact you all within the next few days.

In the mean time, make sure you make a note of the new phone number and address. I do also have a new fax number, but the un-named phone company still haven't bought the line in from the street, so it's not working yet.

Nevertheless, the new contact details are;

PO BOX 3142

PH 02 4883 4003
FAX 02 4883 4006

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