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6 Sep 2011


6 Sep 2011
There is a terrific new Australian animated movie coming soon to DVD. What a fantastic way to learn about Australia's outback heritage ... I can't wait to see it myself.


Oakie, a young blue heeler pup, is supposed to be delivered to Texas, USA but through a courier bungle he somehow ends up in Texas, Queensland, in Outback Australia.

He is quickly befriended by Action Dann (an animated character identifiably based on Troy Dann) and they embark on a series of adventures and together, meet many wonderful and quirky characters in the rugged and unique beauty of the Australian Outback.

Oakie has a vivid imagination and boundless curiosity and along with his new friends, relives many of the poems and stories told to him by Action Dann. The poems include Waltzing Matilda, Mulga Bill's Bicycle, The Man from Snowy River and Bush Christening by AB "Banjo" Paterson as well as The Loaded Dog by Henry Lawson.

Aimed at families with younger children, this is a timeless story of adventure and excitement with a strong dose of Australian humour to ensure that the culture and heritage of our wonderful country is not lost to the next generation.

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