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1 Jun 2011


1 Jun 2011
The brilliant Australian actor Jon Blake has passed away 25 years after the tragic car accident that left him brain damaged and quadraplegic, on his way home from the final day of shooting THE LIGHTHORSEMEN in 1986.

Born in 1958 in New Zealand and immigrating to Australia with his parents at age 13, the very talented and good looking Jon Blake was one of Australia's shooting stars of the TV and film world of the 1980's.

As a young man he trained as a professional boxer with his big acting break arriving with the role of Alan Archer in the Australian TV soap THE RESTLESS YEARS, a role in which he was billed as "Sony Blake".

After several more TV appearances in the early 1980's, his first movie break was in the TV mini-series BOY IN THE BUSH in 1984, followed by ANZACS starring Paul Hogan and Andrew Clarke and THE SLIM DUSTY MOVIE where he portrayed the young Slim.

Possibly his best known role was of Scotty in THE LIGHTHORSEMAN in 1986, which also proved to be his last. Sadly, he had a tragic car accident on the way home from the final day's filming from the South Australian desert. Although he suffered nothing but a small scratch externally, his internal injurys was so great he wasn't expected to survive the accident.

Under the great care of his mother and against all odds he did live on, although he never again spoke and regained only the bare minimum of movement.

VALE JON BLAKE 26/06/1958 TO 29/5/2011


The Lighthorsemen
The Slim Dusty Movie


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