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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked question we receive. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@equitainment.com.au if you can’t find what you are looking for here.

  1. Can I change my order after I've already sent and paid for it?

    As long as the order hasn't already been shipped, we're happy to change your order. Please phone or send an email and we will contact you ASAP.

  2. Can I add titles to my order?

    Unfortunately we can't alter your order if it's already been processed. We will have to send it as a separate order to re-calculate the shipping.

  3. Will I be refunded if I cancel my first order before it's shipped?

    Yes, you will be refunded in full using the same payment method you used to pay for your order.

  4. Should I insure my overseas parcels?

    Equitainment does not cover the costs for any items damaged or lost in overseas shipping. We therefore highly recommend you use shipping insurance for overseas deliveries.

  5. What if my country doesn't allow insurance?

    Unfortunately not all countries accept insured articles. If your country is listed below you will not be able to insure your items.

  6. Why hasn't my order been shipped yet?

    We may be out of stock on an item or the distributor is out of stock. However, the most likely reason is that it's an indent line which means it isn't locally available from Australia and has to come from another country first. Contact us and we will try and give you an expected shipping date.

  7. Can you change the customs value so that I will not have to pay any customs charges?

    Customs declarations will indicate the GST FREE value of the order (AU$) and will not include the shipping or Insurance charges. During the order process, you can designate the order as Personal Merchandise or a Gift. Please DO NOT ask us to attempt any deception by marking down the customs values. This is illegal and we will not knowingly be a party to such action.

  8. How is shipping calculated?

    Our shipping rates are calculated per item sent. For more information on shipping costs click here

  9. My order hasn't arrived?

    It is very rare that orders go missing however international orders may be delayed and unfortunately these delays are beyond our control. Possible delays to international orders are likely to include missorting, misdirecting, or possible delays with customs. Australia Post cannot begin to trace your order for 10 weeks.

  10. Why am I being charged in Australian dollars?

    We are an Aussie company and although we welcome horsey friends from around the world, all our paperwork and banking is processed in Australian Dollars. Your payment will automatically be converted to your currency when it is processed.

  11. What is GST?

    Good and Services Tax is a government charge which applies to every purchase made within Australia. If you are purchasing from a country outside Australia, then the GST doesn't apply and your final payment price is automatically re-calculated.

  12. How can I pay for my order?

    We currently accept VISA, MasterCard, Bankcard and bank debit cards. In addition to that, you can make a direct transfer to our bank account or pay with an Australian Money Order, however your order won't be shipped until your payment has cleared at our bank. Unfortunately we do not accept any other international credit cards.

    Our bank account details for direct transfers are;
    Bank Bendigo Bank
    Branch Lilydale, VIC, Australia
    BSB 633 000
    Account No 152495438

    Please make sure you email (info@equitainment.com.au) or fax us (61 3 5965 2327) the confirmation of payment so we can match your payment to your order.

  13. When will you charge my card?

    Your credit card or debit card will be charged at the time the order is shipped.

  14. What is PAL / NTSC?

    PAL is the type of television transmission in Australia and Europe whereas NTSC is mainly used throughout the USA and parts of Asia.

  15. What is region coding?

    Most DVD's discs contain a Regional Codes which is supposed to prevent the disk from being played in a country outside the designated region. This means that most disks will not work unless they are used in a player with the same region code. For example a Region 4 disk (Australia and New Zealand) will probably not play in a machine from the USA (Region 1).

    There is another catch as well. Some countries may share a regional code, however they don't share the same playback systems. For example the United Kingdom and Japan are both Region 2, but the UK uses the PAL system and Japan uses NTSC.

    The good news is that many players are now All Region players so you should be ok, but please check first. We can't accept returns for purchases made where you haven't checked compatibility first.

  16. Why are my titles not shrink-wrapped?

    Not all distributors shrink-wrap their products, but be assured that every title that leaves Equitainment is brand new.