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  Ron Roy  

About the Author

“ When I turned nine, I received for my birthday a wonderful gift—a book. It was about King Arthur and his knights. Even though I vividly remember the shiny blue and red cover and the smell of the new paper, I don’t remember the author. But I thank her or him every day of my writing life. That writer stirred up something in me that has been bubbling ever since: a love for reading, and the urgent need to put words down on paper.

After two years in the navy and more travel, I landed in the freshman class at the University of Connecticut. Naturally, I majored in English literature. More doors opened for me as I read poetry, novels, essays, and did my share of writing. Still, I did not see myself as a writer. I knew that I enjoyed being around kids, so I became a schoolteacher.

My writing life began one evening after reading parts of Charlotte’s Web to my class. Home from teaching, I walked into my apartment, dropped my bookbag, and headed for the typewriter (this was before word processing came along!). I wrote my first story that night and sent it to a book publisher the next day.

Today, with more than 50 children’s books behind me, I can think of no other occupation that would make me as happy. As a writer, I get to do all the things I love most: speak to kids, invent stories, travel, and of course, read. My A to Z Mysteries series sends me to classrooms where I listen to and learn so much from the students. I receive letters from young readers across the globe, and I answer every letter. Many of the letters contain suggestions for new plots, titles, characters. One girl asked if I would use her dog in one of my mysteries. What a great idea, I thought, and invented a canine character for an upcoming book. “


Books by the Author

  • The Runaway Horse (2002) A to Z Mystery
  • Others...
  • Absent Author
  • Bald Bandit
  • Canary Caper
  • Dead by Dungeon
  • Detective Camp
  • Empty Envelope
  • Falcon’s Feathers
  • Goose’s Gold
  • Haunted Hotel
  • Invisible Island
  • Jaguar’s Jewel
  • Kidnapped King
  • Lucky Lottery
  • Mayflower Treasure Hunt
  • Missing Mummy
  • Ninth Nugget
  • Orange Outlaw
  • Panda Puzzle
  • Quicksand Question
  • School Skeleton
  • Talking T.Rex
  • Unwilling Umpire
  • Vampire’s Vacation
  • White Wolf
  • X’ed-Out X-Ray
  • Yellow Yacht
  • Zombie Zone
  • The Secret at Jefferson's Mansion
  • The Election-Day Disaster
  • A Thief at the National Zoo
  • Mystery at the Washington Monument
  • Trouble at the National Treasury
  • Fireworks at the FBI
  • Who Broke Lincoln's Thumb?
  • Who Cloned the President
  • Kidnapped at the Capital
  • The Skeleton in the Smithsonian
  • A Spy in the White House
  • Who Broke Lincoln’s Thumb?
  • A to Z Mysteries
  • Capital Mysteries


  • If there is a book on the author’s list and its non-horsey but you would really like to get your hands on it, just ask.
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